Frequently Asked Questions and Purchase Info

Can I get a larger copy of the image?


If you want a higher-resolution copy of an image for personal use (such as combining it with other images in a poster for your son / daughter, screening it onto t-shirts or mugs that you'll give to friends who will be cheering on your son or daughter, et al), you may buy the full-resolution image from me for $19. See the section on buying stuff for more information on how to select and pay for an image. If you want to make prints from the image for personal use, that would also fall into this category; however, I'd strongly encourage you to consider ordering from me. I have most (but not all) of the images in my gallery available as higher-resolution captures, up to 3504x2336 pixels depending on crop. Please email me if you want to know the full-resolution size of a particular image.

If you're interested for non-personal use, please email me to discuss terms of use, noting which image(s) you'd like to discuss.

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Can I share the web image with my friends?

Yes. If you want to do so, please send them the URL to the image page (e.g. With most web browsers and email programs, you can just drag the little blue icon (KB icon) from the browser's address bar into the text of your email; you can also select the URL, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into the email.

I realize that there are other ways you might share the image (such as saving a copy on your computer and then emailing that copy as an attachment). Although it's technically impossible for me to stop you, I'd appreciate it if you didn't. I can see how much traffic each page on my site receives, which helps me figure out which photos are more popular. If you save a copy and then email that copy, I have no idea how many people are seeing it. Of course, I'd also hope that someone viewing one photo on my site might decide to take a look at my other photos.

Please note that this does not grant you permission to redistribute images, and it does not grant you permission to submit images for publication. If you are aware of a publication that might be interested in purchasing editorial-use rights to one of my images, please either mail me or have the publication send an email to me at, and I'll be happy to discuss usage terms.

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How long do you keep images on the web?

I don't know. I plan to keep them up until I need to take them down, which at my current rate of productivity would be between 24 and 30 months; I may also choose to expand the space available with my webhost, which would allow me to have more photos online. If you like an image enough that you want to keep it longer, I'd urge you to consider purchasing either the full-resolution version or a print. Otherwise, you can always save the web copy of the image, knowing that it's significantly reduced in quality from the full-size version; please don't redistribute it, though (see "Can I share the web image with my friends?").

I do keep locally archived copies of all photos indefinitely.

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How do you choose what to photograph?

I choose what to shoot (i.e. photograph) primarily based on how interested I am in the event and the opportunity to shoot the event and whether or not I have reasonable access to shoot. With a ski racing background, I'm particularly interested in amateur ski racing and in improving my ability to shoot it well. Since my real job involves managing computers, phones, and similar evil devices at Bolton Valley Resort, I try to get out to the events we host, where I can easily get the kind of at-event access I need for good photos. On a related note, I do actually have to perform my real job, and it does take precedence over my photo activities, which means that I might not always be able to get all the shots I'd like at an event.

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Why are there more photos of some athletes than others?

I'm usually looking for ways to improve my photos, and sometimes that means playing with different angles and camera settings; most often, I end up with multiple shots of a small percentage of athletes when I'm trying to decide between a limited number of angles. Other times, I end up not posting shots that I attempted because the results were lousy (although I will often post decidedly imperfect shots, knowing that when I was attempting to be an athlete, I'd rather see an out-of-focus shot of me than none at all), and there are also times where I accidentally hold the shutter release for a fraction of a second longer than intended and shoot extra frames. Finally, I will sometimes shoot extra frames of an athlete that happens to be doing something particularly interesting (such as particularly fast or near the edge of control). In short, it happens.

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I'd like to get a print of a photo, what are my options?

I'd encourage you to buy a print from me. Not including shipping, standard prints are:

Print SizeBareMatted (size)Matted and Framed (size)
4"x6"$19$29 (8x10)$71 (8x10)
8"x10"$24$33 (11x14)$84 (11x14)
13"x19"$39$59 (18x24)$139 (20x26)

Please note that not all images are available in 13"x19" prints, as that size effectively requires that the finished image involve a minimal amount of cropping from the original image. Requests for other sizes will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and prices will be equal to 150% of the next-highest size (for example, a bare 5"x7" image would cost 150% of the price for a bare 8"x10" image or $36). It's simply much easier for me to produce a high-quality finished product if I don't have to cut down materials from a larger size.

Extra-large sizes

If you're particularly interested in a print larger than 13"x19", please email me and be sure to note the particular image in which you are interested.

Print, matt, and frame quality

All standard-sized prints will be produced on an HP Photosmart 8750 printer using genuine HP inks and Premium Plus Photo Paper; the combination of these inks and papers has been tested to resist fading under glass for 108 years. All prints will be provided in clear plastic protective sleeves. All matted photos will be hinge-mounted with acid-free linen tape on archival-quality, acid-free mount and backing boards. Standard frames are black metal with UV-filtering acrylic glazing.

Other Options

If you'd rather not purchase a print from me, you may purchase the high-resolution digital file and make your own prints (either on your own photo printer or through a photo-printing service). I would suggest that you purchase the prints from me for a few reasons:

You might be wondering what would stop you from printing the photo that you can already see on the web; if so, read on. And then email me to let me know what you'd like to buy.

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Why shouldn't I just print a copy from the image on the website?

The images posted on the website will not produce high-quality prints, for two reasons:

  1. They are limited to 800 pixels on the long side; assuming a 2:3 aspect ratio, that means that the short side is about 533 pixels. Printed at 240 dpi, that would allow you to print them at 3"x2"; at 300 dpi, which is generally the preferred resolution for high-quality prints, you'd be looking at 1.7"x2.7". If you try to stretch them to 4"x6", the image will become pixelated (jaggy) and details will be blurry.
  2. They are saved as JPEG files with compression to reduce download size on the web. Although I generally save files with a minimal amount of compression, even that minimal amount of compression results in a slight degradation in image quality. That degradation will be quite visible if the image is then enlarged for printing at 4"x6" or above.

I recognize that there is no technical way to stop viewers from making prints without also preventing them from displaying the images onscreen. As such, I'm not interested in putting effort into pretending that I can; I'm more interested in sharing the photos on the web and letting viewers see them. If someone finds an image interesting enough that he or she wants a print, I hope that my explanations will convince that person to purchase one rather than printing a lower-quality image off the web; if quality is not important to someone, then I don't have much to offer.

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Can I use an image from your site on another site?

Maybe. Please mail me and let me know which photo you want to use, the length of time you intend to use it, your relationship to the athletes in the photo (if any), and on which site you'd like to use it. I'll be happy to discuss usage terms.

Please do not just copy the image and upload it to another site; doing so is a violation of copyright law and will lead to me getting rather annoyed. If I find my images used without permission on another site, I will take appropriate action depending on the usage and the site in question; such action may include (but is not limited to) requests to take down the images, invoicing for unauthorized use, and/or discussions with the hosting ISP regarding the appropriateness of redistributing my photos without permission. Please email me if you have a use in mind.

If you'd like to provide a link from another site to my site, feel free; if you want to lead people to a particular image in the gallery, link to the image rather than copying the image and then embedding it in another page. If you'd like to post one of my images to a web forum, you may do so as long as the forum is reasonably related to image content (such as posting to a mountain biking forum with a biking picture) and you provide a link to my site and clearly identify the image as authored by and owned by me. If you have any questions, please email me. As long as this type of usage is minimal, I will probably continue to allow it; in the event that it becomes non-trivial, I will reconfigure my website to block such usage. Thank you for cooperating.

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OK, I would like to buy something. How does this work?

Please use the "add item to cart" link for a particular photo and be sure to update the purchase option and quantity fields before continuing. Once you have made your selections, return to your cart and choose the "Continue to checkout" button. This will list a "pseudo-invoice", which you may wish to save or print for your records. Choose the appropriate button for your preferred method of payment.


I prefer Paypal simply because I live on a mountain and would like to avoid unnecessary trips to the bank. However, I understand that some people may prefer not to use Paypal (note: you do not need an account to pay via PayPal) and will also accept checks and USPS money orders. Please note that at no time do I get your credit card number; all credit card charges are handled through PayPal and subject to their security measures.


Shipments on all physical orders will be via carrier of my choice and by the cheapest reasonable method (usually USPS Priority Mail). Shipping addresses must be within the United States. The shipping charge will be $6 per order.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time is highly dependent on the particular order. Electronic orders for high-resolution files will be fulfilled within two business days; physical orders will usually take two or three days plus shipping time. In general, 8"x10" or smaller prints will ship within three days; matted and/or framed prints may take slightly longer depending on supply availability.

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How do you package and ship materials?

In general, I ship via USPS Priority Mail, in boxes provided by the USPS for that purpose. Within the box, each photo will be protected by a clear plastic sleeve, and I will use sufficient packing material to prevent the photo(s) from moving around within the box and getting damaged. Depending on the volume of the order and the empty space in the box, I may also sandwich the photo(s) between two pieces of recycled cardboard slightly larger than the image size. Hopefully, these steps should ensure that the photos will arrive without damage of any sort. In the event that they are damaged in transit, please let me know so that I can correct the problem.

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I've got another question. How do I contact you?

Drop me an email at or use one of the other methods of communication listed on my contact page.

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